Taco Triennial
Rosarito Mexican Food
Pasadena, CA
January 15, 2015

Rosarito Mexican Food Restaurant is a small taco shop a few blocks away from the studio. Having frequented this establishment for lunch for almost a decade, it seemed obvious to hang an exhibition in the space. This way the guys that work at Rosarito might understand just what it is this “artist” who eats lunch at their shop does all day, as it is very hard to explain. Luckily, Efrain and the boys at the shop gave their blessing to have an art show in their restaurant. The work was hung hours before the show, and the next morning it was gone, having evaporated like the L.A. morning haze.

David Bayus
Matthew F. Fisher
Michael Henry Hayden
Anthony Lepore
Jesse Moretti
Joshua Nathanson
Ben Pederson
Lindsay Preston Zappas
Ben Sanders
Cruz Wilkinson
Nick Wilkinson

Photos: Josh Schaedel