Los Osos, CA
July 6 – 28, 2019

Solo exhibition of 14 sculptural wall works. Sanders and his father, a life-long metal fabricator, make huge steel bottle cap forms utilizing a giant hydraulic press. Each form is then given a detailed enamel paint job, with imagery culled from disparate sources, ranging from foreign food packaging to defunct cult websites.

55 New Pots
Art Los Angeles Contemporary
February  13 – 17, 2019

55 Painted Pots shown in conjunction with new paintings by Adam Beris.

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I Come to the Garden Alone
Los Angeles, CA
March 3 – April 14, 2018

Sanders explores internalized fears, spirituality, and the human condition through a series of works on paper and paintings executed over two years. The paintings stem from the works on paper, which Sanders creates while sitting in church. Many depict personified characters, insects or cheap plastic Teleflora vases (an object that Sanders obsessively collects from thrift stores). Sanders places these characters into narrative and surreal settings. Despite their cartoonish quality, the works suggest a deep level of introspection. Through metaphor and symbol, they become a collection of visual parables meant to unearth hopes and anxieties, both universal and unique to Sanders’ own experience.

Writing About the Show:

These Surreal Paintings Embody L.A.’s Hedonism and Spirituality
by Angella d'Avignon

Ben Sanders at Ochi Projects
by Matt Stromberg

Foreign & Domestic
Carl & Sloan Contemporary
Portland, OR
Aug. 14 – Sept. 6, 2015

The aesthetics of mass-produced consumables draw us all in. While we crave individuality, we unconsciously desire the shared experience and common history of globally branded imagery. This is the great magic trick of Late Capitalism. Our experiences feel unique despite the sameness of a globalized economy.

The red cups in a game of beer pong, the garish flowers at a funeral, the picnic table cloth or the paper plates of Summer. These ubiquitous and often ignored experiences buzz around the landscape of our lives. Sanders mixes them with a deep history of painterly mark-making and the doldrums of daily life. The high and low brow become unified beneath a wash of golden California light.

Thick, painterly blobs weigh down curlicue patterns arranged like perfectly placed garnishes on a culinary dish. Sanders pulls all these tricks from his hat to serve up a special experience made just for you, and you, and you, and you...
Graves of Craving
Slow Culture
Los Angeles, CA
May 9 – June 6, 2014

Initially inspired by bowls of pho, these food related works chronicle Sanders’ growing interest into the processes of gastronomy and their overlapping connection to artistic production.  A study into his fascination with culinary technique using the subject matter as a jumping off point for formal and material experimentation.  Dried brushstrokes are peeled and collected off of glass like ingredients in a pantry then collaged onto paintings. Precisely painted gradients are layered with screen print, and air brush; even paint squeezed from piping bags normally used to frost cakes.  These ultra flat surfaces contrast with areas of rich impasto where food is depicted abstractly to form loose abbreviations of the real thing. The end result: a pure exploration of form, color, and composition fused by a highly personalized contemporary approach.